5 expert tips to protect your eyes this Holi

Holi- the festival of colours is round the corner. All of us love to celebrate it with great fervour drenched in colour. While the joyous festival is an absolute delight, exposure to the chemicals used in the colours may cause harmful effects to the eyes too apart from skin and hair.

The synthetic colours sold in the market may contain several harmful chemicals such as dyes, acids, mica, glass powder and dangerous alkalis that can cause a lot of eye problems like allergies, corneal abrasion and even night blindness.

Therefore it is essential that the festival be enjoyed, keeping certain precautions in mind.

Few essential safety tips:-

  • Apply cold cream around your eyes so as to ensure that the colours can be easily removed on washing. Keep the eyes shut while removing colours.
  • Never rub your eyes in case color enters into eyes as this may cause loss of vision. Do not forget to wear a hat or cap to protect your hair and eyes. Try to request people not to put colors near your eyes.
  • For all the contact lens wearers, it is important to note that if the eye is exposed to harmful chemicals present in the colour, it may cause great irritation to the eye. So they should immediately discard the contact lens.
  • Use clear glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes from colored water and powder. Tie your hair tightly so that the color flowing from hair does not enter into the eyes.
  • Children should use only non-toxic natural colors for Holi. Also, water balloons should be avoided as it may lead to bleeding in the eye or even loss of vision.

It can be easily understood from the above that it is important for everyone to use only natural colors during Holi. You can easily substitute the harmful chemicals with henna powder, gulmohar, hibiscus flowers and many others for making all types of colors. In fact, Herbal gulaal is also available in the market these days.

Celebrate Holi ensuring safety so as to enhance the beauty and significance of the festival. Happy Holi!!